“The type of education you get here is paramount to further life success.” Cody and Tyler Jensen

Tyler and CodyTextAll of their lives, fraternal twins Cody and Tyler Jensen have done everything in tandem.  Accordingly, when they made the decision to pursue their bachelor’s, they both ended up at Colorado Mountain College, pursuing dual degrees in Sustainability Studies and Business.

The brothers are currently in their final semester at CMC in Breckenridge, carrying a 27-credit course load. They carried similar credit loads throughout the past two years while maintaining impressive GPA’s, via what they laughingly refer to as “The Process,” which “basically involves completing every homework assignment the day after it’s assigned,” notes Tyler.

Cody and Tyler were finishing associate degrees at CMC when they learned that the college would begin offering bachelor’s programs. The choice to stick around was a ‘no-brainer,’ according to Cody. “We looked at lots of other larger regional schools – the University of Colorado, CSU. But they weren’t the kind of school we were looking for. Colorado Mountain College allowed us to get the kind of education that we wanted. They tailor it to your needs.”

“The type of education you get here is paramount to further life success:  You’re in small classes which challenge you to really think. And, the academics are just as good as if we’d gone to our other potential choices. The combination of the two degrees provided us an incredible learning experience. We are receiving an excellent education, driven by small class sizes, dedicated professors, and a progressive curriculum. My life has changed as the result of my choice to come here.”