Ben Saheb

CMC student Bem SahebThe label of ‘student’ is just one of the many hats that Ben Saheb wears.  Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sustainability Studies at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs, Saheb is also racking up experience as a video cameraman and producer for Steamboat Resort TV- and creating a wonderful body of work in the process.

Many of Saheb’s videos highlight CMC’s environmental programs and sustainability initiatives in the local community. In 2011 he was selected to be one of four college students in Colorado to join an Ecoflight trip, a journey which he captured eloquently on film. He’s now turning his dual passions for sustainability and video into a non-profit organization called Rig to Flip, which educates young people about water resource issues in the West. He expects to graduate in the fall of 2013, extending his time at CMC in order to dedicate time to his growing video production work and his new non-profit.


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  1. Ben :Congradulations on completing your degree. I knew when we all met you two years ago that you had the potential to do something special. Go out into the world and make things happen. Steve & Grace Shevick

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