“I’ve opened up doors that I wasn’t even aware existed. I’ve learned important leadership skills – and the importance of social responsibility.” Alesha Frederick

CMC Student Alesha FrederickAlesha Frederick’s primary criteria when she went searching for a bachelor’s degree program was to find one that was personal and affordable – while also offering a high-quality education. She also needed to be in a program that was flexible enough to work with her full-time job as a business support specialist with the Colorado River District.  “The advisors at CMC actually asked me how they could provide the best education to me and what my needs were,” says Frederick.  “They cared enough to follow up with me to make sure those needs were met.”

Frederick feels the value of her bachelor’s degree in business administration has been inestimable.  “With this degree, I have opened up doors that I wasn’t even aware existed. I’ve learned so much more than the core principles of business.  I’ve learned important leadership skills –  and most importantly I’ve learned the importance of social responsibility.  What I do and how I do it matters.  I now have the opportunity to take what I’ve learned and apply it to my everyday life.  I can charge into the business world, if I choose – and be knowledgeable enough to be effective and conscious enough not to be destructive.”

Frederick plans to continue working at the Colorado River District with her new degree while moving onto an MBA program. Eventually, she hopes to come back to Colorado Mountain College to “give back to the community by being a part of the team that helped me successfully complete my degree.”