Julie Gonzales

Degree opens up new career opportunities for Leadvillle local

Leadville_JulieGonzalez10Julie Gonzalez is a third-generation Leadville resident.  She wanted a better future for herself and her daughter, but most local advancement opportunities required a bachelor’s degree. And earning that four-year degree meant relocation from Leadville, a move that required funds and support she didn’t have.

When Colorado Mountain College began offering four-year degrees in the fall of 2011, Julie was one of the first to sign up.  With the help of the Steve Smith Scholarship for Business Administration, she’s been able to pursue her dream of a bachelor’s degree. She’s already using her new knowledge and skills in her current job.  She’ll be taking an extra semester to graduate due to a heavy work load at that job this semester.  But additional classes she’s taking along the way will likely allow her to graduate with an additional CMC certificate degree as well.